How often have you been somewhere and seen some fabulous piece of furniture or an accessory that you would just love, but don’t know how to get it for yourself? Well now you can take it home!


One of the things that our guests love about The DeWitt is the fact that they can take a piece of it home with them. Love that mirror? Just take it off the wall - it’s yours! Always wanted a chair like that? You found it! The rug, the bed frame! Almost everything is for sale! 


Our guests ask us how we can let go of our beautiful objects. Yes, sometimes it can be hard to say goodbye. But when we let them go, we get to shop for more, and sell again and again and again… the wonderful creative cycle goes on and on!

And the best part about it? We know that the pieces that we have loved so much are on their way to a very good home.

Two ways to shop The DeWitt inventory are through our shop on Chairish and from our vintage furnishings website. Click on any of the links to the right.