The historic hamlet of Oak Hill is only 2.5 hours from Manhattan, yet feels a lifetime away, with the most beautiful landscapes in the Catskill mountains. Bordered by the Catskill Creek and surrounded by swimming holes, waterfalls, hiking trails and mountains, mountains, mountains!! Inspiration to the Hudson River School of painters, such as Thomas Cole and Frederich Church, today the Catskill mountains are the ultimate all-season destination filled with local artists, musicians, skiers, hikers, weekend warriors, and travelers. 


There is so much going on, it's impossible to list it all, but here is a slice of life in these green mountains:  


The globally known tree-house retaurant The Yellow Deli scrumptious homemade food, I.U. Tripp Antiques & Collectibles (virtually unchanged in hundreds of years), and of course, Grey Fox, the famous bluegrass festival, and Dope Jams-the dope record store and DJ phenomenom known for their dance parties here in Oak Hill and in major cities around the world. They are all a part of Oak Hill. Farmstands, such as Greene Farms, which have local produce and foods are close by. And if a drive-in takes your fancy, we've got that too! 


Numerous trails and sights, such as Windham High Point, Kaaterskill Falls, Vroman's Nose, Howe Caverns, and Indian Head mountain. Golfing with unrivalled views; blueberry farms, apple picking, raspberry picking; sheep shearing; goats playing...  Irish tea houses, pubs and Irish resorts that the Irish Catskills are famous for. Guinness anyone?


Windham and Hunter, Athens and Catskill and Hudson waterfronts, and Woodstock and Phoenicia are only minutes away.  


Really, there is just too much to mention. Come and see for yourself!